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​While the Growth Foundation and Area Council are fantastic organizations to help you work out the logistics of moving your business or starting a new one in the area you should still contact our crew.  The Perrysville Economic Development team is comprised not only of lifelong local residents but we have have an intimate knowledge of the area and it's history, as well as personal connections with Village Council and other entrepreneurs in the area.  We live here, that's why this place matters to us.

Want more information?  Fill out the form below and we'd be happy to discuss any potential opportunities to bring new businesses and industry out our community.
Perrysville Economic Development Services
As one of the primary goals of our organization, we are constantly interested and actively engaged in trying to bring new business opportunities to the Perrysville area.  Are you interested in starting a new business or moving an exist one to Perrysville?  We'd love to help, and we're not alone--the Perrysville area is also supported by MAGF and AACED when it comes to bringing in your business.  More information on those organizations can be gathered below.
Mohican Area Growth Foundation
The Mohican Area Growth Foundation (MAGF) is a non-profit development corporation that primarily serves the Loudonville-Perrysville area in southern Ashland County, Ohio and corners of the four surrounding counties that share the area's heritage of industry, agriculture, and tourism surrounding Mohican and Malabar Farm State Parks. With a long track record of successful development assistance and community involvement, MAGF looks forward to hearing from you to discuss your business relocation, expansion, or start-up plans. ​

Ashland Area Council for Economic Development
What makes Ashland County a vibrant place for business? Global accessibility, coupled with a strong foundation built on community, make Ashland County a location your business can take root. Ashland is one of the most affordable places to live, and our university and hospital are nationally ranked. With easy access to both Cleveland and Columbus, Ashland County can be a launching pad for you to take your company to a wider market. The Ashland Area Council for Economic Development is ready to help your business thrive and grow in Ashland.​


​    Currently the Perrysville Economic Development Board is working to obtain grants for the revitalization of the downtown area, establish trails in Weltmer Park, and to hold the 2017 Homestead Festival.
    In an effort to do the revitalization, there are some things needed from the residents. We need letters of support for the Recreational Trails in Weltmer Park.  For those who may not know, the PED is working with the Village to put in handicap accessible trails through the woods at Weltmer Park.  These trails are already there.  We will clear the trails and pave them to be handicap (wheelchair/scooter) accessible.  This will provide our fire department access to the river if a river rescue would be needed.  These trails will have two entrances, one off S. Bridge St. and the other from the Weltmer Park parking lot. There will be benches placed along the trails. Letters of support are needed to be emailed to Nikki Hiller, CDBG Administrator, at or mailed to her at      110 Cottage Street, Ashland, OH  44805.  Why should you support this project or how does it benefit the residents of Perrysville? This will offer members of the community a place to walk and enjoy nature/river and a place to exercise.  This will also improve the area.  There is trash that has been dumped on the village property which will be cleaned up and downed trees will be cleaned up.  We are not changing anything in the wetlands area or disturbing the animal/plant population.  By obtaining grants for this project, the taxpayers will not have to pay for it.  So, please send a letter to Nikki stating how this improved area will benefit the people of Perrysville and the community.  Also, what it means to you.  The PED board members thank you for your letters.  Any donations that you would like to make for this project should be payable to "PED" memo: "trails project" and sent to PED, P.O.Box 315, Perrysville, OH  44864.  All donations to PED, a 501(c) 3,  are tax deductible and we will send you a receipt for your donation.  Because of the donations in Cindy Rich's memory, the opening to the trails on S. Bridge St. will be named in her honor.  A dedication ceremony will be scheduled upon completion of the trails project.  Thank you for your support!!    Letters must be sent by March 6, 2017.
    For the downtown revitalization, we are planning to put in curbs, replace sidewalks, put in benches and antique lights on Third Street and Bridge Street, along with planters, redo the basketball/tennis court, replace stop signs, move and replace safety siren, etc. There are two meetings set to get community input.  They will be held at the Fire Dept. on Thursday, March 23, 2017 at 7 P.M. and Saturday, March 25 at noon.  There will be a menu of hot dogs/sloppy jo sandwiches, baked beans, chips, and beverage.  In order to obtain a grant for the revitalization, community residents' opinions must be heard.  Please take time out of your busy schedules to come.  There will be a survey form to complete.  Thank you. 
    Any questions regarding both projects should be directed to Joe Eggerton 419-606-4183 or Mayor Rich Miles 567-203-2710.

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